Off topic: A Daddy's Dilemma

My friend Chris finds himself in a potentially precarious position and is needing some help. Here's the gist of the situation:

We have a boy on the way, due December 19. It dawned us during the lunchtime conversation that none of us have had to deal with the naming of the boy part yet, due in large part to my uncanny “shielding” ability. Here’s the deal though: With this boy on the way and a curious big sister sure to be lurking over every diaper change, we are going to face the question of “What is that?” sooner rather then later. How are we to answer? Do we teach her the proper scientific term now? Do we assign a nickname like “Winky” or “Doodle” or “Wee-Wee?”
Any of you moms or dads have a little help for him? If so, leave a comment on his blog.


Chris Thomas said...

A "potentially precarious position?" That's a lot of p's. Kind of ironic.

Sarah said...

HA! We started out using totally biological names, but one teacher found that strange with Katie Beth. Long story there. She says "privates". Everett learned "wee-wee" from his teacher at school. We try to mix in the biological names as well, but he really knows "wee-wee" from school last year. I've heard worse I suppose. "Privates" are a good phrase I think because it covers both sexes, and it is useful later when teaching them about good touches and bad touches (from a teacher's perspective).

Terry said...

We always used "privates" when in conversation, but when more specific we used "bobo". My son had to had have some minor procedures and we need to be able to talk about it openly with him early on.

Anonymous said...

our senior pastor...who's kids are all in their 20's now, told me that their family always called "it" a "P,L,E"

His four year old daughter was riding in the car one day and said to her mom and dad, "I know how to spell 'penis'!" They said curiously, "How?" She said, "P....L.....E" and then she never finished. So they always called it, the "P,L,E."