Announcing The New Mediology Podcast

My friend Nathan and I have been talking about launching a podcast together for a long time and we finally did it. You can check it out at TheNewMediology.com or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.

The New Mediology is a podcast for new media marketers and web designers. We'd love to hear your feedback. In 2008 we'll have a new one every other week. Here is a rundown of our first podcast:

0:00 - 8:09 -- Thoughts on a few minutes with an Amazon Kindle.

8:10 - 11:15 -- Oprah's recent discovery of YouTube.

11:16 - 16:58 -- Review of Utterz.com.

16:59 - 27:54 -- Discussion of the iPod Nano's video feature and the opportunity for marketers in 2008.

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