The Six Categories of Web 2.0

As I continue trying to get a handle on web 2.0 I have come across some category designations that have been extremely helpful for communicating what web 2.0 is. These categories have also enabled me to more quickly identify new technologies and associate them with similar types of sites and services. I have designated the six categories into the acronym MASSVW (think "massive volkswagon") to remember it more easily.


  • Mashups - sites using existing technologies for an entirely new purpose...like WikiMapia.org. It takes the functions of a wiki and overlays it with Google Maps for an entirely new kind of map. You can see ProgrammableWeb.com for more mashups.
  • Aggregators - A site or program that gathers data from multiple sources and organizes the information to present in a new, more streamlined or appropriate format. Digg.com is a top aggregator site. So is Slashdot for the more technical people. And of course our dearly beloved, Google (and any other search engine for that matter) are the mothers of all aggregators.
  • Social Networking - Websites focusing on connecting people with other people directly like MySpace.
  • Social Media - User-generated content like blogs or Flickr.
  • Video - Online television such as YouTube.
  • Web Applications - online programs that can do virtually everything your existing software programs can do. Zoho for instance can replace your Microsoft Office programs.


Frank said...

Thanks for this article Bill - very helpful. I blogged about it, as well as your site in general, here.

I'd be interested especially in how you see these various categories being applicable in church environments (outreach is my specific interest, but your thoughts on any application would be welcome).

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...


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