Video of the Week: The Jena 6

I debated as to whether or not I should use this as the video of the week since I usually do something funny or entertaining but yesterday I was driving through downtown Nashville and passed a car that said "Free the Jena 6" on the back. That's all I needed to know this would be my video this week.

The fact is, racism is very much alive in our country and I was saddened to learn that something like this is still happening even now. Though I would never condone the fight that led to the prosecution, the charge doesn't appear to fit the crime and the reason certainly seems racially motivated.

For more information you can see additional video here:

Here's some info on the upcoming march before the sentencing:

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Ray said...

Thanks Bill, I was unaware. Sometimes we end up with our heads in a hole thinking things like this are of the past. Sad to know that once we lok up, they are still there.

IndyChristian said...

Thanks Bill for a great example of 'new media for urban change'.

Jon Haarstad said...

Infuriating to say the least. To think that this stuff still goes in any form saddens me. I did a little digging and found a site with some updates on the cases involved - it appears there is progress being made including the reversal of the conviction of Mychal Bell that has been referred instead to juvenile court. [ Click Here for the article on Snopes.com ]