The Movement of God and Web 2.0

Tonight I'm getting caught up on some blog reading and I'm struck by something I'm seeing. Several churches have reported recently that they're seeing significant numbers of people come to know the Lord and they're using blogs to report it. On MondayMorningInsight we learn about a 392 decisions over a four day period at Liberty Baptist Church in Hampton, VA. Then we see that Elevation Church in Charlotte had 126 decisions on Sunday. Then we see that New Spring in Anderson, SC had over 150 decisions yesterday. I'm also reminded of the 511 decisions made at LifeChurch on Easter weekend a few weeks ago.

What's God up to here? Is a web 2.0 tool like blogging going to help encourage and inform people about the movement of God around the country (and world) in the coming days? I'm certainly interested to see what happens. Do you know of another church to add to this list? Please let me know in the comments.

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