Free eBook - Pastor's Guide to Web 2.0

Several months ago I was asked to put together a resource for LifeWay Christian Stores that would explain web 2.0 to pastors (and other church staff people). The booklet was used as a promotional giveaway at the recent Southern Baptist Convention in San Antonio. Today I learned that the resource is now available as a download. You can get it here. If you want a physical copy of the giveaway booklet I'd be happy to send one to you while my small supply lasts (if you'll cover the postage). Feel free to email me for that request.

Be sure to drop by the LifeWay Envelope Services new blog, Do More Ministry. They sponsored the development of the booklet and are providing the free download.

Here are the booklet chapter titles...

Web Two Point What? A Pastor's Guide to New Media
1. Are You Ready for Web 2.0?
2. Stats: The Growth of Web 2.0
3. What is Web 2.0?
- The Technology Shift - 6 Categories of Web 2.0
- The Content Distribution Shift
- The Culture Shift
4. Seven Strategies to Effective Blogging
5. How to Respond to Attack Blogs
6. Should I Use MySpace?
7. How to Create a MySpace Page
8. Drinking From the Fire Hose

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IndyChristian said...

Thanks Bill. We're currently looking for such resources for our course... "New Media for Urban Change".

[Hat-tip: Strategic Digital Outreach]