New Episode of The New Mediology: All About Apple

The latest episode of The New Mediology is now live. Listen to it online or subscribe in iTunes to give it a listen. If you listen, see if you can find this awkward exchange between Nathan and me...

Nathan: Lyrics is cool.
Bill: I'm not familiar with that.
[long pause]
Nathan: Song lyrics?
Bill: Oh, I thought that was a program.
When you listen you'll get the context of that...but it was funny (at least to us.)

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PodCamp Nashville said...

Great episode. It reminded me a little of the livecasting of the SuperBowl last year by Jaffe and the gang: http://www.acrossthesound.net/2006/01/index.html

He's actually coming to PodCamp Nashville. Be sure to tell him hey.

See you soon.