One Thing Bloggers Will Love About Your Website

I hadn't been blogging for too many months when I realized most websites weren't built with the notion that there may be a way to help a blogger out. That realization birthed the "three ways to get bloggers to hate your website" post. Ever since then I have sought to make sure websites I am a part of are blog friendly. Early last year I co-created MySliceofPi.com and we dedicated an entire resource page to bloggers (and any other media who might be interested.) The intention of the page was to cater to the image needs bloggers might have if they chose to write a post about the site. Since then, I have recommended similar pages to clients and over the summer one client, Modern Parables, took me up on it. They created a blogger/media page with multiple options for their logo, images from the product, images from their original films, embeddable video links, and movie stills.

They went all out and it's been helpful to the numerous bloggers who have written about their resource. In fact, today they received a note specifically about the blogger/media page:

"I am SO impressed. I just went to your web site and downloaded and saved the images in less than a minute. That has to be the easiest time I've ever had finding and saving images. Woo hoo!!!!!"
Getting a page like this up on your organization's site isn't difficult. You just have to take a little time to do it. Bloggers (and other media) will love you for it. When's the last time your site got a woo hoo?


Steve N. said...

Just went to MP. Kudos to them for doing that. I have to say that the quality of their films looks excellent.

Bill Seaver said...

Yeah, they are truly ahead of the curve with their resource.