Music By The Mood

I found a very cool site today thanks to Lifehacker. It's a music website called Musicovery that let's you discover and listen to music (like a radio) based on the style of music you're looking for and the general mood you're in. You can also choose the era of music you want...so if you want to get really specific you can choose calm, jazz music from the 60s and you get a great Stan Getz recording of Night and Day.

Overall this concept is very interesting and applicable to people like me who have times when you're looking for a specific feel of music but don't have an artist or song in mind. Also, the design of the site is very compelling as it maps out the song selections. On the downside, it looks like the actual library of music is fairly limited, but to the average music lover it will more than suffice as a handy resource when you're in the mood for something new.

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Chris Thomas said...

Check out http://pandora.com as well.