TiVo To Incorporate Online Video

Last month I had two blog posts on TiVo...one about why it could be dying and another about how it can survive through the influx on online video. Today I saw an article from The New York Times that gives us a glimpse of TiVo's determination to stay in the game. Here are a few interesting excerpts...

  • TiVo plans to introduce features that will allow people to use its digital video recorders to watch some video programming from the Internet on their televisions.
  • Until now, TiVo has not been able to tap into the explosion of Web video — clips uploaded by amateurs and, increasingly, professional segments made for the Internet. The new features, which are set to be announced today and introduced early next year, are intended to change that.
  • TiVo also said it would introduce a service that will allow users to upload their own home movies and have them sent to the TiVo recorders of friends and relatives. Users who want to send will need to sign up for a $4-a-month service offered by One True Media. Receiving the videos is free."

So what does this mean to you? Well, if you've got an interest in video blogging, online video as a distribution method, or just a desire for creating content online then it looks like there's a possible outlet emerging for your content down the road where people won't have to watch it on computer screens anymore. Sounds promising to me.

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Chris Thomas said...

This is strange. They've been offering limited broadband content for a while now, like Rocketboom. Check this link out from TiVo's website:http://research.tivo.com/rocketboom/.
I guess they're just expanding that part of it. Now being able to send my home videos to the TiVo of a family member??? That's pretty cool.