Transcript of two bloggers with nothing to blog about

If you've ever wondered what a couple of bloggers talk about via IM when they've got nothing to blog about I'm about to pull back the veil...here's a conversation from a little while ago with my friend Chris. He blogs at PourOut.com. Here's our Google Talk conversation...

Bill: Hey Chris, I'm stuck...what are you posting about tonight
chris: No clue.
Bill: I got nothing
chris: I'm working a great post for tomorrow night, but it's not done yet.
Bill: I don't even have that
I saw on Greg Verdino's blog that he's in the top 100K blogs on Technorati
...so I had to check it out too....
I'm in there also...pretty sweet
chris: but I can't not post anything, right?
Bill: no, you gotta post something
chris: Mine's not. I have a couple of people who have blogrolled me (you and Greg actually) but freaking Technorati's not picking it up!
Bill: the mystery's of Technorati
are wide and varied
chris: I'm pissed at those guys.
Bill: I know
Bill: but you're always pissed at someone...yesterday Verizon...today Technorati
chris: you see this?
Bill: let me check it out
chris: I feel exactly like those guys
17 unique visitors today
Bill: cool
chris: really, really awesome
17 whole people
Bill: yeah, I can see what those guys are saying
pretty funny
chris: 16 of which were probably bots
Bill: you check your feeds?
chris: 7
Bill: I get them at feedburner
chris: awesome
Bill: sweet
chris: yeah, rock on
Bill: you ever check out http://blaugh.com/?
It's a great laugh for bloggers and web 2.0 folks
chris: that's pretty funny actually
i gotta tell you, i wasn't expecting much when i clicked that link
Bill: come on
give me some credit
chris: just the name
Bill: you should get the RSS feed...it's a great way to get them all at once
chris: i read it as "blaaaaaaaahghggggghhhhhhuuutytythhhdhd"
RSS? What's that Bill?
Bill: well Christoper
let me just tell you
Chris Thomas with the assist
chris: http://www.micropersuasion.com/2006/11/bitty_browser_g.html my new favorite bookmark on the blackberry
Bill: I've been reading a lot about that stuff
you like it?
chris: i do
i really do
we need more mobile sites
Bill: "we" as in you?
chris: right
i forgot
you just have an expensive "phone"
Good post about Digg
I found it helpful
Bill: tagged
that's really thorough
chris: on deli.cio.us?
Bill: yeah
chris: I'm really getting into that
Bill: yeah, me too...I signed up months ago but didn't really start using it until recently
I like that I can access the bookmarks anywhere (via the world wide web of course)
chris: What's the world wide web Bill?
Bill: but seriously...I had a few instances of wanting to go back to a site I bookmarked on my laptop while I was at worked
work that is...
and I didn't have it with me
so deli.cio.us is the solution
to the rescue
Recording voicemail to chris@voxacious at 10:03 PM on Monday
Voicemail ended with chris@voxacious at 10:03 PM on Monday
chris: I couldn't agree more
Seems as if I have a Google Talk voicemail from Bill Seaver that's one second long
Bill: yeah, ignor that...I was just messing around a second ago...by they way...on a different topic entirely
do you use an optical mouse?
chris: yes
mighty mouse
worst mouse ever really
Bill: have you ever noticed the cursor just starting to move from time to time?
chris: yes
Bill: I've got two mice here at home (both optical) and that drives me crazy
it's like someone's in control of my computer
chris: actually not on my macs but on my pc's
Bill: you know what....now that I think about it, I've never had that happen with the optical mouse on my iMac at work
chris: send me another voicemail, but longer than one second, i want to check GT out
Bill: I don't have a mi on my computer
I don't think
Recording voicemail to chris@voxacious at 10:06 PM on Monday
chris: ahhhh...
Voicemail ended with chris@voxacious at 10:06 PM on Monday
chris: on a completely unrelated note...
Kim just said that Carrie Underwood won best female artist tonight and that when she was announced the winner Faith Hill looked into the camera and threw her hands up and screamed "WHAT???!!!?!"
Guaranteed YouTube blast tomorrow
Bill: tomorrow?
give it 30 minutes
....and that may bump your blog post you were working on
there's gotta be some comment in there for you
chris: allright, i'm headed to bed.
Bill: ok, see ya
I got something to post tonight!!
chris: and hey
don't forget to vote tomorrow.
Bill: don't worry...I will
chris: you will forget?
or you will vote?
I will vote
now that I go back and read my response I see that it was totally stupid
chris: always the last word...
Bill: bye

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