Play Station 3 Mania - Video Interviews

My friend Chris has officially stepped into the world of video blogging at PourOut.com. Today he and some friends went to a local Best Buy to interview people waiting for the PS3 to go on sale first thing tomorrow morning. It's pretty nuts really. Here's the video:

I'm not a gamer but I always find the hype around these kinds of things very interesting. If anything this affirms to me what I hear about the rising number of options from the traditional media. It also says a lot about the increasing number of distractions we have available to us today. If you're with a church or ministry the PS3 is just one more thing competing for the attention of some of the people you're trying to reach. So is there an opportunity here? I think so...

Think about this, with the growing numbers of distractions there are just as many opportunities to reach those people with a niche missions approach. This is nothing new to churches. Look at all sports, art, music, and hobby groups that churches create or participate in. With every emerging diversion the church has the opportunity to reach out to the unchurched people engaged in those activities.

On a random side note that's slightly related, have you heard of machinima? It's essentially small videos and/or short films made using preexisting video from something like a video game. If you ever played Contra (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, START) with the sound off and had some friends make up their own dialogue for the game you kind of get the idea of what machinima would be. I know it doesn't sound too interesting but it's actually quite popular now. I've just recently watched a few episodes of one of the more popular machinima series, Red vs Blue, and it's actually funny. There's something to this, I just don't quite know what yet.

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The definition of insanity... or maybe greed. I can't remember.