Sending Large Files Made Easy

Last month I talked about backing up your blog and mentioned the free online data storage site Box.net. I like Box.net because it's an easy way to store files online (and did I mention it's free up to 1 GB?) and it is also a quick and easy way to get files to other people without the need for FTP.

This afternoon I got a link from my friend Steve H. to check out YouSendIt.com. YouSendIt is a free file transfer site that looks easy to use and has an extremely straightforward interface. According to Steve it's very easy to use. The site lets you send files up to 100MB for free and for a monthly fee of $5 you can send files as large as 2GB.

If you need serious data storage and file transfer Box.net looks like the way to go since it has the larger capacities including 5GB for $5/month or 15GB for $10/month. If you need a quick way to transfer a file it looks like YouSendIt may be your best option.

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