U.S. ranks sixth among global blog readers

There was an interesting post on Micro Persuasion today about the percentages of people from North America and Western Europe who read blogs. The post references the actual study done by comScore.

Below is the chart with the breakdown, but it's interesting to see that over half the online population in both Canada and Spain are blog readers. What surprised me most was that the U.S. was so far down the list coming in sixth behind the previously mentioned Canada and Spain as well as France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. I'm not entirely sure what the full missions implications are here, but it seems like an opportunity for America's churches taking mission trips to any of these countries to begin with a blog now...and this study even tells you the blogging platform you should use depending on the country.

My only other question now is how do some of the South American countries rank? I hear blogging is big in Brazil.


thechurchgeek said...

I'd be even more interested to see how many US bloggers read blogs from around the world.

I think we all have much to gain from being conversant with what is happening in the church around the world.

I read a few blogs from UK and New Zealand but don't have any from other places like South America, Asia or Africa (of course they'd have to be in English...)

Bill Seaver said...

Thanks, good point. I read (and have even connected) with some guys in the UK and that has been refreshing. It's easy for us to forget that we can have quite a different church experience in the US from our fellow Christians in other countries.