There's Just Something About Viral Video - Elf Yourself

It's fair to say that the crowning achievement for any new media marketer is a video that people will talk about and pass along. Even better (and falling even more in line with web 2.0) is anything that engages the audience and spurs them to interaction. That's where OfficeMax seems to have gotten it right with their new "Elf Yourself" site. Tonight I pulled a picture of my good friend Chris to give you a look at what OfficeMax is doing with their Christmas viral campaign. Check it out here. I'm pretty sure Chris will forgive me.


Chris Thomas said...

Don't count on that forgiveness thing. And thank you, thank you so freaking much for giving my wife something that she wants to forward to all of her friends.

Karen said...


Chris thomas said...

Not funny Karen/Bobby. Not. Funny.