Cadbury gets creme egg on its face

Just last week I wrote an article that included these lines:

Here's the thing about blogging, it's a great medium that facilitates conversation and understanding, but if you're not telling the whole truth, you're going to wish you never said anything at all. Whether you get busted in your own blog's comments or on someone else's blog, I can almost guarantee you'll be caught (probably by another blogger) if you give half truths, misleading statements or outright lies.

These same principles of truth and the Internet apply to video as much (if not more) than in blogging. Tonight I discovered this case in point from the video below:

When you visit the Cadbury FAQ page you find this:

In the grand scheme of things who really cares about the size of chocolate and creme eggs? The bigger lesson here is that truth has always been the best (and I would suggest only) option. Now, with the Internet it's just going to be more obvious when you've decided not to do it.


Bill A said...

Busted... That's too funny.

Kyle said...

Hilarious. The funny thing is how they got outed... it could be so much more damaging this way than on 20/20.