Video of the Week: Glimpse of the future?

This week's video is a test. It's a test of your techno-geekiness. I have to admit I thought this was pretty stinking cool, not just because of how all this technology comes together and not just because it is applicable to everyday life, but because it is much closer to reality than we may realize. This week Microsoft announced the introduction of Silverlight, which when combined with Vista, makes much of the stuff you see here a near reality from some of the things I've read.

So, if you find this at all exciting, congratulations, you're a techno-geek. Can we change the name to something more palatable? Technoisseur perhaps?

Link for feed readers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_FS2TiK3AI

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Sarah Underhill said...

Okay, so what about with all the voice commands when you have screaming kids in the background? I can't even talk on the phone with some of those! I can't imagine if my whole life was ruled by voice commands!! And, what if you had laryngitis? AND, those watches weren't very cute... but, it was neat. Does that make me a technogeek? It kind of freaks me out some.... :) Hi Bill!