Branding with Google Maps

If you haven't visited Google Maps you're totally missing out. Google Maps isn't brand new but it's effect on communications and information is only now beginning to take off. One of the features I personally love on Google Maps is the "hybrid" view that shows the illustrated map with the satellite image overlay. It really lets me see where I'm going before I go there. Very handy!

It's a great tool like so many of Google's tools but here's why you should really like it: it's a great way to stand out in your community with a little paint and time. A Target store made headlines a few months ago for painting its famous red bullseye on its roof and a few others have followed suit. You just can't miss that big red target. Fellowship Church in Dallas did the same thing years ago with their logo. See it here on Google Maps (go to the satellite or hybrid view and zoom in).

Now these stores and church didn't do this for the sake of Google Maps. In fact, the one thing they have in common is their close proximity to an airport. Now, however, everyone lives close to an airport...or the airplane view anyway. So, when you paint your logo on your roof take full advantage of it by linking to Google Maps on your own website so anyone looking for directions will automatically be taken here. You won't only give them a functional and intuitive map but a little surprise with your logo painted on your roof.

One more thing...be patient. Google Maps is using some images that are a year or two old so it's possible your painted roof might not show up for a while...but think about how many more people will be using Google Maps the next time that satellite snaps a picture of your area.

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