Saddleback conference video on YouTube

I’m always fascinated to see when and how churches use technology. I got a link today to a clip from the Purpose Driven Worship Conference at Saddleback where they had an opening video to entertain the crowd. The video itself is quite funny (especially when they go “Old Testament style”) but more interesting is that it’s being hosted on YouTube. Although it does not appear that the video post is directly tied to the church or ministry, someone connected to it appears to have posted the video...but either way, it's great to see this use of ministry and technology.

YouTube, as I discussed previously, is the most used free online video sharing website. For years churches have fretted over putting video online because of bandwidth costs…but these days that isn’t an issue (because YouTube is free). It's great to see this out there...and we'll certainly see more to come. To see a review of YouTube and nine other online video sites check this out.

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Steve said...

Youtube rules,,,for now.