StumbleUpon.com - Channel surfing the web

Let's face it, sometimes you channel surf trying to find something good on TV. On a good day you'll come across something entertaining you've seen before. On a great day you'll discover something entertaining you've never seen before. Now you can do this online (sort of) and much more effectively.

StumbleUpon.com allows you to jump from one website to another through a plugin or extension in your browser. It started out available only to Firefox users and now is available to Internet Explorer users as well. Once on a site you can rate it (like or dislike) and leave comments.

So what's this all good for?

  • Discovery - I've found some interesting sites through StumbleUpon that I wouldn't have found otherwise. Here are a few sites I discovered through the "Christianity" category: Biiible.com, The Bible Site, and Sermon Audio.
  • Feedback - Ever wonder what other people say about your website? Put your site in StumbleUpon and you'll get some very candid (and hopefully helpful) feedback. NOTE: Be prepared for anything here.
  • Promotion - Register your site so others can stumble upon it and return regularly...but that part's up to you and your website.

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