mySpace becomes most visited website

According to Reuters (via CNN.com), mySpace.com is now the most visited website in the United States...a spot that Yahoo! Mail previously held. About a month ago I wrote about the opportunities for mySpace among churches and ministries and the general impressions that seem to be forming (many of which are unfounded I believe) about the website. This new information simply shows that the traffic at mySpace is still growing...and therefore the opportunity to use it for strategic ministry is growing as well.


Lew said...

I think the key phrase is "strategic ministry"

Myspace.com is definitely a way to be in the world, but it definitely creates opportunity for stumbling blocks, whether it's ads with women who are not dressed modestly or the temptation to be idle.

I do not believe that myspace.com is bad, but when I think of ministry and reaching out to the world my heart yearns to give the world something different. As salt and light we need to present something that is a taste of Heaven and not just hopping on to the next big thing.

Don't get me wrong, I can definitely see myspace being used to reach the lost and definitely proclaim the Gospel. Just not my first choice of method.

Bill Seaver said...

Thanks for the comment Lew. Great point on the stumbling blocks.

I love your idea of giving the world something different than what they have already...and that's where I think mySpace creates an opportunity for Christians. It is a very popular communication vehicle, and therefore one through which we can be salt and light. It doesn't have to be your first method (and probably shouldn't) or 13th method, but it is a viable method for outreach.

Thanks for reading MicroExplosion.

Karen said...

Do you have a myspace? Craig even has one at this point! :0) There is lots of opportunity to minister through the site. I have met moms from all over the area some are Christian some are not. What better way to be salt and light in the world.

Bill Seaver said...

Great feedback Karen. It's great to hear from someone who has already used mySpace for ministry opportunities.

As for your other question...no, I don't have a page...yet. I will soon though. It's on my to-do list along with a Squidoo page and photos on Flickr. Thanks for the nudge, I need to get on it!!