Napster grows up

Remember Napster? It was the first peer-to-peer file sharing system that took off across college campuses all over the country a few years ago. It's also the infamous site that was sued and consequently shut down for copyright infringement. Now, like many of the students who used the first Napster, it's all grown up and more importantly...legal.

If you haven't heard about the rebirth of Napster it's certainly worth your time to register on the site and check it out. Napster's back to letting people listen to music for free, but this time you don't get to download the music without paying for it. The catch is that you get to listen to any song five times before you're blocked out from that particular song. This has been a great tool for me as I check out new music especially when the 30 second snippet from iTunes just won't do.

The new Napster is a great tool (although I don't know if it's being used this way) for bloggers to suggest songs and legally allow anyone to check out the song for free. So if I want you to check out the classic jazz song "Autumn in New York" I would send you here. Or maybe I just want to let you know my favorite Switchfoot song. Either way, it's another free tool now at your disposal.

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