Famster: Feature-full Family Focused Sites

I recently discovered Famster.com which calls itself a complete website for your family. After spending a half hour with it I am impressed by the vast tools built into the site. Not only does it allow a bit of front page site customization but the real strength in Famster seems to be in its depth.

I have numerous friends who have recently created blogs as they have started having children. These blogs have been serving as mini, family-focused websites. I believe this use could, in time, be the exact place where Famster will prevail. A blog has specific limitations from a website...and that's been acceptable for the non-technical families. They're just happy to be able to put some text and photos online...for now. Famster looks to shake things up a bit as it's going to give these same families the opportunity to create much more robust websites with the same ease of those blogs they're using now.

Some of Famster's features include video, a blog, scrapbook, photo sharing, recipes, and lists (which will be extra handy at Christmas time). My personal favorite feature is the "file cabinet" because it lets a user post large photo files on the site and allow family members to grab their own copy of the high resolution images at will. That sure beats the multiple emails just to send a handful of pictures to family and friends.

Famster seems to have found a niche. If you're considering starting a family blog, you might want to try Famster out first.

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Karen said...

What a cool website. I may have to check into it. I had a website but the blog is just easier. :)