Web 2.0 explained for churches by Feedburner VP

Last week I heard a speech given by Rick Klau, a Vice President at Feedburner, to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). I listened to this speech because I was interested to hear what a guy who's headlong into web 2.0 vocationally (Feedburner is an RSS feed management company) was going to say to a bunch of church leaders (which is a good portion of the people reading this blog). What I found was probably the best explained overview of web 2.0 I've heard to date. There's also a lot of helpful insight and encouragement for churches to adopt some web 2.0 technologies themselves. Here's the link to the ELCA page where you can listen to the speech. It's about 75 minutes long but worth every minute of it. I recommend you prepare to take notes when you listen to this as well. Some of the gems you'll find here are things like:

  • Instant messages are huge: Two-thirds of the people under 20 years old claim instant messaging to be a primary form of communication. Business uses of IM are greatly increasing as well.
  • If you're not on MySpace.com, you're not on the Internet. There are 280,000 new people on MySpace every day.
  • Google loves links and Google loves blogs. Blogs are Google's drug of choice.
  • YouTube.com has about 100 million views a day.

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craigkendall said...

I'm a little curious about his instant messaging comment. I know my kids (19 & 21) are all into mySpace.com for their communications with friends and see email as how they communicate (begrudgingly) with teachers, parents, banks etc; and they see IM as old hat. I'd like to know when that research was last tested.