First Annual No Digg Day?

Emerging video blog powerhouse RealVerse, has taken a bold step...they have proclaimed Monday, August 21 as No Digg Day. In actuality, they have proposed a web 2.0 experiment for a website based solely on user-generated content. Digg.com is the leading new aggregator website...meaning they allow people to submit stories of any kind and the good ones are Dugg (voted upon) and rise to the top of the list. I first discussed it here. The concept behind No Digg Day is that if people were to quit using Digg for a day then it becomes essentially worthless. Should be interesting to see what happens. By the way, since I saw this early on I just had to Digg it...I couldn't resist. Check out the Digg here.

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Chris said...

Dugg. God bless their souls (realVerse).