Web 2.0 Categories Revisited

Steve Rubel brought up a great point in response to my post about the six categories of web 2.0. His analysis is that it's difficult to lump things into "buckets" due to a potential overlap of categories for a single site or application. Just to recap, I'm calling the categories MASSVW:
S-Social Networking
S-Social Media
W-Web applications

I agree with Steve's assessment of overlap...after all, mySpace is a social networking site primarily but also incorporates video and social media. I contend, however, that it doesn't matter if there's overlap...at least not right now. For the time being, web 2.0 is something we're trying to get a handle on. Just last week I posted a link to TechCrunch's video asking the question, "What is web 2.0?"

Since we're trying to wrap our arms around this big new thing, I will continue to use the MASSVW (massive volkswagon) category approach. Thus far I'm finding it helpful for explaining what the heck web 2.0 is to someone who has little or no familiarity with it. A year from now these categories might not apply at all...but for now it seems to be helpful for furthering people's understanding of it.

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Craig said...

"...a year from now..." or maybe SOONER!