GodTube taking social media to a new level

The web 2.0 landscape just got a little more interesting. In December I was talking to a friend who mentioned a project he was working on. That project turned out to be GodTube, the social media/online video/networking site looking to provide Christians and non-Christians alike with Christ-centered video content and the tools to connect with each other.

When I first went to the site my initial impression wasn't very good. I knew it was in beta (and still is) but I couldn't help but think "geez, this seems like just a Christian copy of YouTube." After a little more time seeing the site develop and learning from my friend about some different avenues they would venture down, I saw the emergence of the areas that will distinguish GodTube from everyone else.

The primary difference between GodTube and any other online video site I've seen is the technology to let people connect with each other (for free) via the live video conferencing as well as the implementation of a very cool video email feature. To me, this is where GodTube truly separates itself from the pack (and not just in the "Christian sites" pack but the pack of all online video sites).

Having already played with the video chat feature I can vouch for the fun there. The ministry opportunities are endless too. Got a team going on a mission trip and want to video conference a few families in? Give the GodTube video chat a shot. Or maybe this will be the opportunity for people around the world to connect live for discussions on leadership principles or evangelism strategies. This has all the ingredients needed for a virtual classroom where you could teach or learn about an infinite number of applicable studies.

The video email feature is a great way to send a memorable email that will certainly get anyone's attention. It provides all the benefits of sending a video to someone via email without sending a massive file to someone's inbox. The recipient just clicks on a link to see the video.

I have high hopes for GodTube. I know it's still in development but I think it's off to a very compelling start with some exciting new technology.


joe said...

Interesting. Bill, do you know if Big Jump Media is behind this or if they just licensed their software to GodTube?

Chris Thomas said...

Horrible name. Horrible.

Craig said...

And another take on GodTube.com

Missional Jerry said...

I agree if thats the goal then here's a couple ideas:

Change the name! Get original.

Change the look! Again the look says "we wanna be youtube"

If the goal is to have original and creative use of new technology, then stop being like everyone else and lunch something and design something thats shows off God's talented and creative people.

ChriS & Yvette Ferguson said...

It's great to copy...but I am hoping for the day when Christians will be the ones developing the ideas that the business world will "rip off" rather than the other way around.

Thanks for posting on this cause I hadn't heard of GodTube yet.

GodTube said...

Thanks so much for the positive review! It's greatly appreciated! Keep spreading the word...God bless!