Internet evangelism

I saw last week that China has the second largest online population in the world, just after the United States. There are currently 132 million people online in China and 52 million of them have broadband access. My first thought after seeing this was "what an opportunity to reach people with the Gospel in a country that can be difficult for missionaries." For years I've heard of missionaries who take trips to undisclosed locations and some of those it turned out were to China. We know that country has been in the heart of so many missionaries through the years going back to the people like Hudson Taylor, Eric Liddell, and Lottie Moon so my question is this: where are the Internet evangelism strategies to reach these people? I see that there's an Internet Evangelism Day coming up this year so is this the answer? It certainly seems like a step in the right direction.


akiramedia said...

I know that China filters internet traffic for their internet users. I always hear about it being applied to political sites that don't line up with the party view. Do they extend this to christian sites as well?

Bill Seaver said...

Yeah, I thought about their filtering. I don't know what they do for religious content but if the Chinese people are getting into social networking sites (like MySpace, Bebo, or Hi5) then it would be hard to clamp down on specific areas and not others within those sites I would think. I really think those types of sites are the best evangelism opportunities anyway because you connect and build relationships with people.