Tech News: File sharing and iPod content creation

My friend Craig sends me links to new sites from time to time and recently he sent me two interesting new sites. The first is AllPeers, a file sharing site that let's you distribute content with friends and family (essentially any group of people that you designate). The AllPeers tour gives you a great idea of how intuitive the interface is. This would be a great asset to churches that are sharing files with a group of members. I know many worship pastors have to get various audio tracks out to their volunteers on a regular basis and AllPeers looks like it could be a great way to get it in the hands of the people as quickly as possible.

Craig also referred me to Mogopop, a site that lets you create content that can be loaded onto your iPod or grab other people's content for your iPod. There seem to be numerous possibilities for churches and ministries here. With nearly 90 million iPods in the hands of people like us, the opportunity to create iPod content for the people in your church may have never been more relevant. With Mogopop you could allow everything from the weekly announcements to volunteer schedules to be loaded onto iPods so the people at your church will have that information handy when they need it. If you find that a significant percentage of people in your church or ministry are iPod owners, you may need to check out how Mogopop could work for you.

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