Web App: PXN8 - Online Photo Editor

Web applications are one of the six categories of web 2.0. I've become a huge fan of these apps and am always looking for bigger and better ones. In the photo editing world, I've been using Google's Picasa for a while but although it's free it's not a web application nor has it really done everything I need to do when I want to edit pictures. A few days ago I discovered PXN8.com, and online photo editor, and compared to several other online photo editors I've seen, this one is the best. It's got the most intuitive user interface I've seen with a host of editing tools to meet your basic photo editing needs. If you're not sure what a particular control does there's a handy mouseover box to explain what each action does and if you still don't like what you did there's an undo button to remove the previous action. If you thought you needed to buy photo editing software for your general photo editing needs, save the money and give PXN8 a shot.

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Chris Thomas said...

I'm hooked. Keep these coming.