Tonight there's nothing to talk about besides the iPhone

Ok, so I had some other stuff to talk about tonight but I've been watching the Steve Jobs keynote this evening and I simply cannot focus on anything else. If you haven't heard by now (where have you been today???) Apple Inc. unveiled their iPhone. I must say that the more I've seen of this tonight the more impressed I am. Earlier today I just thought it was cool. Now I'm blown away. Check out the demo on the Apple site or the live demo from the keynote today (which actually shows you a bit more about it).

The iPhone is due out in June through Cingular. I expect the race is on for applications that can work with the iPhone...in fact, this may help push the adoption of web applications like Google documents and spreadsheets or the Zoho family of products because you can use them through the web browser. Should be interesting to see what happens.

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