Church tech blog review: MicroExplosion

In response to Dipnoi's request for Christian tech blog reviews I've got a brief summary of one I know well...my own. There are a lot of new MicroExplosion readers now from the handful of people who started the journey with me last summer so this should be helpful for them as well.

MicroExplosion was started in June, 2006 after about nine months of discovery and research into a new iteration of the Internet called web 2.0 and/or new media. The blog was established to discuss and apply new media technologies to churches, ministries, and Christian organizations. In order to do this MicroExplosion covers emerging new media technology and web trends then explains how a church or ministry could apply it in the context of their mission and purpose. Churches, in particular, are notoriously behind the curve when it comes to the adoption and use of technology for several reasons: a lack of awareness, a lack of financial resources or a lack of people who understand and can implement technology for the good of the church. MicroExplosion is intended to help anyone who finds him or herself in one (or more) of those three areas. This blog seeks to raise awareness of new media technologies (thus addressing the lack of awareness issue), most of which require little to no money (thus addressing the lack of financial resources issue), and the technologies are built for the average user so a need for a highly technical person is less necessary than ever before (thus addressing the lack of people who can help issue). At the end of it all my hope is that people in ministry use technology to reach the world for Christ and if this blog has any role in that I've done what I set out to do.

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