Video of the Week: God Bless Americans

So what do we know about the rest of the world? Not much with this group of Americans apparently. Where's Lee Greenwood when we need him? (Note: There are two curse words in the video...they're quick, but thought you should be warned.)

Link for the feed readers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJuNgBkloFE

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Sarah said...

That little British snob! I bet we could go over there and ask some of their people the same questions, and get some similar answers!! Okay, obviously Utah is not a country, but there were some of those questions I didn't know. And, some of the answers that were given I thought were right... Of course there were MANY that were just idiotic answers! I'm one of those people though that all of the Middle East just runs together. I'd have to have a large flow chart or something to keep it all straight! And, he said, "Let's ask the Americans about the world that they rule." WELL, those people don't rule the world, nor do I! Thank goodness, right? The guys that do though know their stuff, and that's what is important! Right?