Diversion: My Slice of Pi

I've been working on something with a friend for the last couple months called MySliceofPi.com. MySlice is going to be an interesting experiment in online property. Think of it as a little online billboard an owner maintains with a message and link of their choosing. We expect some people will see a monetary and/or promotional value in this to promote a product, blog, website, service, organization, etc. Others may use it as a messaging system to make a simple public statement...maybe something that makes sense to everyone or perhaps something that is really only for their friends to understand. We've come up with a bunch of ideas ("Pideas" actually) for ways people may use this.

We've already had some questions about why a digit is purchased rather than given away. The answer is twofold. First, we'd like to make some money off this. I'm personally planning to give 100% of my share to my church for at least the first 2000 digits that sell. The second reason is that if this thing takes off then the people who got in early will have something of a higher value than the people who got in later and the money is a barrier to people erroneously claiming a bunch of digits and turning this into a massive spam page. We have, however, made some digits free for the taking. All the zeros are free so check the site regularly to see when the next zero is available.

We know people have lots of ways to communicate online. We've got MySpace profiles, blogs, instant messages, YouTube, Facebook, email, photo sharing, etc. Sure, you don't need another way, but we think there will be some people who'll gravitate to the unique nature of this and get on board. If you're one of those we encourage you to grab your slice of Pi.


Ryan said...

Just got my slice and I must say it's super cool to see that you're giving the initial money to ministry. Rock on!

Bill Seaver said...

Thanks Ryan. When I initially posted that information we had a different pricing scheme and my plan was to give my cut of the first 2000 digits sold to the church. Now that wouldn't be nearly the same amount of money now as it would have been previously so it will be going to the church for at least the first 10,000 digits sold.

Ryan said...

Very cool. It's boosted my traffic a bit already. Advertising that helps ministry is awesome!