Clipmarks - Clip content and share

With so many tools emerging on a weekly basis it's hard for me to determine which ones are actually going to make my life easier. Every once in a while I'll see one that really makes sense and this week I had one of those discoveries. I found Clipmarks, a Firefox add-on, that lets you very quickly highlight entire articles, paragraphs, sentences, images and video to blog or send as an email. I used this a few days ago to send part of an article to some coworkers and it worked out really well. I'm a big Del.icio.us user and am always saving links there but Clipmarks seems like a better way to pass along something I see or read rather than sending people a link to a page where the content on that page may not apply entirely. For instance, I can just clip an important paragraph or two without and email it to a friend rather than sending a link to an entire article with a confusing explanation like "hey, this article is decent but you've really got to check out the 6th and 8th paragraphs...those are really interesting." Whereas Del.icio.us is really for my own reference, Clipmarks is going to be what I'll use to send articles, blog posts, pictures, etc. to other people when a simple link won't be sufficient.

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