Church Blog Guidelines: Two Examples

My post a few days ago asked the question: Can blogging be a bad thing in ministry? The answer was, "yes, if used incorrectly." It is always my hope that any church or ministry will not let the bad overshadow the good. The "bad" would be to let a fear of blogging (or some unknown consequence) prevent a church from ever diving into the blogosphere. The good is obviously to use blogs as a great communication tool to reach more people more quickly. Tonight I found a couple of churches who have put together some staff blogging guidelines that seem to be the perfect mix of blogging freedom, awareness, and parameters.

  • Granger Community Church has a list of blogging suggestions for their staff. I really like the tone and entire approach they took with this. It communicates that the church trusts their staff but also wants them to be aware of a few things too.
  • Fellowship Church takes a little more time to discuss the potential repercussions for a blog gone wild but their guidelines also clearly communicate the church's official position on blogs without limiting a blogging staff member's freedom. They extend this same policy to personal staff websites.

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