Confession 2.0

I found a site tonight via a guest blogger at ChurchMarketingSucks.com that is simply shows everything that's right about churches using technology. LifeChurch.tv has a site called My Secret that serves as an online confessional booth of sorts and from everything I can see has generated a lot of interest.

I like this for two different reasons:

  • It's a great use of technology for significant spiritual impact. It can be easy to get caught up in the technological developments and functionality and neglect the spiritual uses (which is, of course, the important part) and this site uses a well designed website to lay the foundation for life change to take place.
  • Confession is always good and I'm convinced there's not enough of it today. For most mainline protestants (like myself) confession is one of those things that the Catholics do, but it's clearly something for all Christians. It's not just vital for salvation but also for healing...and healing is necessary for us to fully achieve our purpose and destiny in Christ.
I hope this site continues to grow and is used by God to encourage, challenge, prompt, urge, embrace, convince, comfort or anything else people may need to live more fully for Him.

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Cory Miller said...


Thanks for the link ... it's been interesting to watch the MySecret site explode.

I think we still have a lot to learn (positive and negative) about using the Internet ... I look forward to reading more of your thoughts on your blog.