History of Online Video Courtesy of Reel Pop

Two weeks ago a new blog called Reel Pop started to "focus on how online video is changing the content creation, marketing and distribution process" of video as we know it. Last month I posted what I call the six categories for web 2.0 and online video was one of those six...so I'm very excited to see what will come from Reel Pop as they focus exclusively on this topic.

One thing that is particularly interesting on Reel Pop is the "Brief History of Online Video (in Pictures)" post that seems to have a very thorough overview of online video growth in the last year. It astounds me how much growth with we've seen with this medium in just the last 12 months. Look at the time line closer...it was just a year ago that there were less than 25,000 online video page views a day. Now, there are over 750,000 online video page views a day. This trend compels me to continue encouraging people to work toward understanding and making good use of online video since viewers are increasingly interested and accustomed to finding content there.

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