MicroExplosion on RealVerse!!

Just saw that an interview I did with RealVerse a few weeks ago is now live. Check it out here.

We talked about a lot of different things during the interview and this segment was just introductory...but it was great to hook up with the RealVerse team. Thanks guys!


Anonymous said...

I had to laugh when I heard you say in a recent interview that the church is notoriously behind when it comes to implementing technology.

Do you think? lol!

(I have to give you props for putting it so graciously.)

I wonder though, if you understand the FORCES within the church that are fighting tooth and nail much of the ongoing technological advancements we are witnessing unfold before our very eyes.

I'll give you one small, yet powerful example.

By virtue of nothing else but podcasting, any Christian can now access GREAT Bible teaching on virtually ANY subject from REAL experts available to them 24/7 wherever they may be.

Yet 90%+ of churches still use the preaching of the Word as the main course of their services with worship and fellowship functioning primarily as ancillary side dishes, appetizers or worse.

Yet, the two things believers must come together for in order to realize their full impact are worship and fellowship.

The church service needs to be re-engineered from the ground up in light of how people REALLY get their information in this era.

Worship and fellowship should be about 75% of the service and not the other way around.

Good luck trying to sell churches on that.

Too many are stuck in the model of "The Pastor Jones Show."

A Christian comedy or drama (depending on their pastor's temperament and abilities) starring the pastor and featuring a 30-55 minute monologue each and every Sunday.

But we don't need to come to church to hear Pastor Jones sermons. And there's very little collateral benefit of hearing them live in the congregation.

Not so with worship and fellowship. They are unaccessible in any meaningful way outside the context of a gathering of believers.

I think you're gonna find, when churches ask you to teach them how to extend their message using modern technology, that what they're really asking is how to use automobiles to help advance the sale of buggy whips.

Les Lazarus
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ps Came to you from Realverse

Chris said...

I saw that. Good stuff and congratulations. You should start consulting on this or something...

Daniel Lee said...

Great stuff get the word out, that churches are behind.