eBible launches to public

A little over a month ago I saw the eBible.com site in beta and I remember thinking it looked exactly like what I thought a web 2.0 version of a Bible reference tool should look like. A few days ago it opened publicly and yesterday it was causing quite a stir over on Digg among the community of Diggers. Take a look at the comments within Digg...it's very interesting to read the reactions to eBible as a Christian. If anything, it provides good insight into the misconceptions and false ideas about the Bible, but onto the eBible launch...

eBible is truly a web 2.0 version of the Bible complete with tags for different topics, internal bookmarks, and its very own Firefox plugin. The eBible bookshelf has a full list of free reference resources and Bible translations as well as some additional resources you can purchase if you're so inclined. It has some very cool features like a quick scroll tool within the window and a right-click instant commentary reference feature. The site design is very clean and intuitive...just as a web 2.0 version of this should be. I think in time eBible will become one of the top Bible reference tools online.

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Sarah said...

Interesting... I checked it out but don't know if I am seeing the "beta" version... I'm going to sound like the technologically uneducated person that I am and ask if that is some upgrade to your computer or something... you can just laugh and tell me it's too complicated to explain... :)

I told my class today the story about your brother slamming you down on the bed when you were in college. We are reading Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and talking about sibling rivalry/dynamics. I shared a story or two of my own and then shared yours. They loved it!

Have a great rest of the week!