3 Things That Make Video a Blog

Today I had the chance to talk with some church staff guys about web 2.0 strategy...specifically online video and blogging (and the resulting combination of the two...video blogging). This church already spends significant effort on video work and weekly communications to their church members and community. Many churches these days are spending more time with video production but might not be thinking through making the most use of their efforts. The guys I spoke to today now realize that with a little more planning and about ten more minutes of video shooting each week they've got all the pieces for a video blog for extended outreach. I informed them about three things they'll need to make sure are included to make it a full fledged blog:

  • RSS feed to let people subscribe to the video blog
  • Permanent link so it can be referred to by itself and referenced directly in the future
  • Comments to get feedback from viewers
I recommended they set up a free blog on Blogger or Wordpress (both of which automatically give you the above components) and load their video to Vimeo as it's done. The code provided Vimeo can be quickly loaded into either blog tool and they have an instant video blog!


Dennis said...

There's a free ebook out there for using video in ministry (specifically youth ministry). It's available here.

Anthony said...

Video blogs are great! Please check out Blip.tv. It is a great place for video bloggers to have their videos hosted for free yet also does not infrindge on any of the video maker's copyrights. I've been using them for almost a year now and they continue to improve there service and features on a regular basis.