A Case For The Blogging Dentist

I'm more convinced than ever that a blog is for every organization in some form or fashion. Just yesterday I was talking to a friend who's a pediatric dentist. I was telling her that a blog will allow her to differentiate her practice from the others here in town. Whereas the other guys will give the standard "here's what we do" and "here's why we're different" and "here's where we're located" information, a blog can say all of those things with personality. In fact, that's exactly what sets blogs apart from standard websites...they have personality.

So, back to my friend...if she blogs on her site (and still says all the same things the other guys are saying) then she'll be introducing herself (and therefore injecting her personality) to all those parents looking to find a dentist for their kids. This is the same thing as trying to sell something to someone in person rather than with a brochure or direct mail piece. If I get the chance to meet a person and try to sell to them while the competition only sent a brochure I really like my chances of success. Her blog is the closest thing she can get to being able to meet all these potential clients in person. Every other website is just putting out a digital brochure.

By the way, my friend doesn't even have to be an avid blogger to win either. In her case she'll be fine updating the blog every other week...just enough to keep it current, but more importantly to give that extra nudge to a person comparing information with the other guy's brochure sites. Oh, and in no time her blog will be the top one in a Google search for dentist offices of any kind in this area. After all, Google does love blogs!

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Jeff Schult said...

I gave the same advice to my dentists in Costa Rica. The result, last week:


and it does make a difference online, does it not.