Don't want to blog? Then Vox.

I came across a short interview with Mena Trott, the president of Six Apart on Pod Tech last night. Mena was talking about their release of a new product called Vox. Vox sounds pretty interesting. From the sound of it, Vox wants to be a bit more family and friend focused than blogs and is therefore trying to corner the market on that type of blogging...or voxing. One of the key features it has is that it allows you to designate a privacy setting on each individual post. So if you want to make some posts public to the world and others limited to friends and family you can do that easily within the same interface.

It's clear from spending a few minutes within Vox that they have focused on design in all areas. The template choices are much more graphically enhanced than about any other blog templates I've seen. Even the interface to post is highly stylized, which ads up to an inviting and engaging experience. Many of the designs seem to be aimed toward a female audience but I think it will appeal to a wide range of people. It doesn't appear to have RSS feeds built into the posts, so that's one strike against them in my view, but overall Vox makes a great first impression. I've set it up for my family and may start using it when our baby is born (and that may be sooner than we think). I'm looking forward to keeping up with Vox to see how it develops.


anildash said...

Just to let you know, we do definitely have RSS feeds for all content in Vox, across the entire service. So don't let that stop you from trying it out. :)

Chris Thomas said...

RSS is there. Although highly stylized, there's not much customization there, yet, and that's the drawback for me. Very cool though how they allow you to post books or music from their respective Amazon pages. I'm thinking of moving the family blog over to Vox as well.

Bill Seaver said...

Well, looks like I must have missed the RSS. I'll have to take a look again. Thanks!