Firefox - Cool As Apple

The culture that surrounds technology is an interesting thing. There are dividing lines between the people who are "in" and everybody else. A little over a year ago I learned that the people who are "in" don't use Microsoft Explorer for their browser...they use Firefox. Firefox introduced (or at least popularized) the tab browsing function which means you don't have to use numerous individual windows running anymore but just his Ctrl+T (Apple+T for the Mac folks) and BOOM...a new window is ready to go in the original window you opened.

The Firefox guys really got it right when they started letting people create add-ons that let you do all kinds of stuff to customize your browser. Its popularity has soared and the Firefox users became evangelists for the browser.

Firefox just recently released version 2.0 and it seems very sweet as usual. Interestingly enough, there's a new Microsoft Explorer now that strangely Firefoxish.

In the tech culture, there are a few products or services that elicit emotional responses from the user base. Apple computers tend to fall in this elite category. So does Firefox. I recommend Firefox because it's a great browser...the coolness is just gravy.

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Jon Haarstad said...

Brilliant minds think alike [ see my post a few days ago along the same lines ]. I used to use Safari a lot as a Mac user but have now pretty much gone all-Firefox, all the time.