Excellent Tips for 'Naked Conversations'

I'm about to finish Robert Scoble and Shel Israel's book, Naked Conversations, and it's been outstanding to read. Don't let the name fool you...it's about blogging with authenticity...not in the nude. I've already gotten five other people to order it (four at a church and a family member). Here's a great list of tips from the book on from the chapter "Doing It (blogging) right."

  1. What's in a name? Search engine results. - Your blog's name can and should say a lot about who you are and will go a long way toward good Google juice.
  2. Read a bunch of blogs before you start. - There was a great line in this section: "If you read 50 blogs for about two weeks and you still don't feel you have something to write about, you probably aren't going to be a good blogger."
  3. Keep it simple. Keep it focused. - Most people want McPosts, not Four Course Posts...keep that general idea in mind when you blog.
  4. Demonstrate passion.
  5. Show your authority.
  6. Add comments.
  7. Be accessible. - They recommend putting a phone number on your blog in addition to your email address...note my phone number now in my profile. Maybe Scoble will call me!
  8. Tell a story. - Just tell your story. Tell the truth, but tell a story doing it.
  9. Be linky. - Link to other blogs so you'll have more hooks in the Google waters. Good quote in this one too..."Be the absolute best resource you can be for your readers, and they will reward you with lots of inbound links."
  10. Get out into the real world. - "If the only way people know you is through your blog, you become one-dimensional."
  11. Use your referrer log. - Check your stats tools to see how people are getting to your blog.


Nathan said...

Bill, I may just have to read that... It seems like an interesting read. Definitely some good points on "successful" blogging... I think some people miss these and get discouraged in their blogging attempt.

Chris said...

Picked it up last night and looking forward to devouring it. Thanks for the recommendation.

Greg said...

Hi Bill - MarketingProfs had a good post on better blogging yesterday as well. Check it here:

Bill Seaver said...

Thanks for the comments guys. Good stuff from MarketingProfs Greg. Thanks!