A blog question

I just had a great lunch at Moe's today with a friend. The Billy Barou (pictured above) with steak has become my favorite menu item. We were talking about blogs and I posed the quetion, "is it better to have really good content but post less frequently than it is to have decent content but post new information all the time?" My friend didn't know the answer and we thought it would be great if there were a study about this sort of thing. My hunch is that the sheer volume of a blogger can outshine a highly informative source that's not updated with any frequency. Perhaps this is a case of quantity being better than quality. If that is true, then how much more of an impact could a blog with great insight that also posts regularly make?

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realVerse said...

Good question. The Billy Barou at Moe's Grill has been known to cause deep thoughts like this.