So that's what www stands for

In case you need a little reminder (I know I did) the Internet is global. No kidding. Ok, I know you already knew that...I already knew that too, but we really don't think about that much when we consider the vast opportunities available with these wires and networks and satellites. We know that back in the day (the 90s) the global connection message was one of the big conversation points about the Internet. It's world wide...it's the world wide web...you remember all that. But as the Internet has taken a more personal and functional turn over the last decade a few of us have probably lost sight of this most obvious fact. I was reminded about all of this today on Steve Rubel's blog. Turns out YouTube is huge in Germany, Italians are increasingly looking to blogs to communicate despite the government, and Poland's citizens are gaining ground online as broadband increases. As Christians with an message to spread and a means to get it there...the mission field is right quite literally right in front of your face from the very chair you're sitting in right now.

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