It only takes a spark

Have you ever considered that a spark is really a small explosion? We generally don't regard a spark that way because there's no flying debris or plume of smoke yet given the right conditions and time a spark can have the same impact as a large explosion. In the same way, the new array of web 2.0 communication tools that seem to be coming out daily are spark creators. They may not make an immediate impact on the group you're trying to reach like a more traditional means, but in time they can become highly effective for you. This blog is dedicated to people who want to use the tools of web 2.0 to make an impact on the world.

Something to consider: Everything available to you through web 2.0 takes time to get off the ground. Some people will be fine with that, but for those of you with mandates and timelines you're going to come to a fork in the road of whether you want to do something that people can see soon (old marketing methods) with something that will have an enduring impact (web 2.0 methods). Consider it you own little blue pill vs red pill. One will take you to a world you couldn't imagine and the other...will keep you right where you are.

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