Start from the very beginning

So what the heck is web 2.0? Well, there are a lot of different phrases being used to describe it. Some people are calling it "social media" or "new media" but you can boil it all down to this: the next wave of technology that incorporates the interactions of individuals. For a more in-depth perspective check out Wikipedia's definition. If you're more visually oriented check out this web 2.0 overview.

So why do we need to consider this from a Christian perspective? Well, my hope is that this blog will answer that question in the long term, but for now I can't help but think about how Christian organizations are notoriously behind the curve technologically. Whether you're part of a church, ministry or Christian business there are a host of new tools available to you to communicate with people and the best part is that most of them will hardly cost you any money. Ready to see what a few people are doing? Here are a few churches testing the waters.

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