Microexplosion: Case Study

My friends over at realVerse.com have just gotten their vlog (video blog) off the ground in the last few weeks after several months of planning. They serve as a perfect microexplosion case study. When realVerse got started it established itself as a conservative video blog commenting on news, entertainment, religion, and culture. About the same time they were launching a FoxNews commentator, Michelle Malkin, started her own vlog called Hot Air. Seeing the target audience overlap realVerse sprang to action and contacted the producer of Hot Air...and as you'll see here, it paid off.

Although realVerse hasn't gotten an on air mention yet, this is a great first step to getting the word out with a little research and determiniation. This is a great example of something that doesn't cost realVerse anything yet can be an invaluable source of recognition. Seth Godin talked about this in a blog post a few weeks ago. More specifically, the explanation of the long tail will give you insight into a true microexplosion.


Steve said...

thanks for the rV mention. I look forward to reading more MicroEx posts.

Chris said...

realVerse is getting better and better. Definitely a good example of w2.0.